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Lubbock Business Phone Systems understands the pivotal role that digital networks play in driving businesses towards success and continuous growth. To empower companies in the dynamic digital landscape, we constantly innovate and develop cutting-edge solutions. Our hosted phone system prioritizes security, providing businesses with a worry-free communication experience. We are committed to delivering exceptional telecommunications services that optimize business operations, enabling organizations to reach their full potential in an interconnected world. As industry leaders, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive for excellence by continuously enhancing our services and surpassing expectations.

  • Hosted Phone systems provide businesses with enhanced security features compared to on-premise PBX systems. With Hosted Phone systems, your phone system is hosted in the cloud, eliminating the risks associated with physical infrastructure. Cloud-based solutions offer advanced security measures such as encryption, firewalls, and regular data backups, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your communication. Additionally, Hosted Phone systems are not susceptible to physical damage or disruptions caused by natural disasters, as they are hosted in secure data centers with redundant infrastructure. By opting for a Hosted Phone systems, you can mitigate security risks and have peace of mind knowing that your communication system is protected and resilient.
  • Maintaining business continuity during emergencies or disruptions is crucial for the smooth operation of any organization. With our third-party mobile app, you can ensure that your business remains operational even in challenging circumstances. In the event of a power outage or inclement weather, employees can continue to communicate and collaborate seamlessly using their smartphones or tablets. The mobile app allows for calling, faxing, texting, hosting conference calls, and conducting online meetings, providing a comprehensive solution for remote communication. Even if the internet service is unavailable or of low quality, the app can leverage cellular voice and data networks, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. With our mobile app, you can confidently navigate through emergencies and disruptions, maintaining productivity and minimizing downtime. Contact us today to learn more about our mobile app and how it can contribute to your business’s continuity plan.
  • By transitioning to a SmartSIP Hosted virtual PBX, you can alleviate the financial burden associated with on-premise PBX hardware. With our cloud-based solution, you no longer need to invest in costly hardware upgrades or bear the ongoing maintenance and expansion expenses. Our state-of-the-art cloud communications system is designed to provide you with the latest advancements in communication technology, and it is continually updated to ensure optimal performance and functionality. With SmartSIP Hosted virtual PBX, you can enjoy the benefits of a modern and robust communication system without the hassle and cost of managing hardware infrastructure. Let us handle the technical aspects while you focus on your core business operations.
  • Simplify your billing process by choosing a single provider for all your business communications needs. With our comprehensive solution, you’ll receive one consolidated bill that covers all users, locations, and features. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple invoices and complex billing structures. Our all-in-one package includes VoIP landline and mobile minutes, fax, text, voicemail, conferencing, online meetings, virtual receptionist services, and desktop and mobile apps, all bundled together at a competitive and transparent monthly cost. By streamlining your billing and consolidating your communication services with us, you can focus on your business’s success while enjoying the convenience and simplicity of a single, straightforward bill. Contact us today to learn more about our unified communication solutions and how we can help you streamline your business operations.


  • Moving your phone system to the cloud may seem like a daunting task, but with Lubbock Business Phone Systems proven methodology, the transition becomes seamless. Years of research and development, along with numerous successful deployments, have refined our approach to minimize downtime and ensure high user adoption. Our experienced implementation advisors will guide you through the onboarding process, making it a smooth and hassle-free experience. With Lubbock Business Phone Systems, you can take your company’s communication capabilities to the next level with confidence.
  • Say goodbye to complex hardware installations and maintenance tasks. With our phone system, you won’t need any technical expertise to configure and use it effectively. Whether you have an IT employee or someone without IT experience, they can easily manage the entire system. Our user-friendly interface allows you to configure individual extensions and company-wide settings with just a few clicks. Simplify your communication setup and empower your team with a system that anyone can handle.
  • Experience seamless integration of mobile devices with our hosted PBX solution. Our mobile app empowers smartphones and tablets to have full functionality and access to the entire business phone system. From voice calls and text messaging to fax, conferencing, online meetings, and corporate directory access, all features are at your fingertips. Users can effortlessly make and receive calls and texts using their extensions or direct numbers, whether they’re using company-issued devices or their personal mobile devices. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives. Embrace the power of mobile integration and enhance your communication capabilities. Contact us today to learn more about our hosted PBX solution.
  • With our advanced communication solution, employees have the freedom to make and receive calls seamlessly across various devices. Whether they are using a desk phone, personal or corporate smartphone, home telephone, or even a hotel phone, our system ensures that they can utilize the main business number or their direct line effortlessly. Thanks to the find me follow me feature, calls can be redirected to the employee’s preferred device, ensuring they never miss important calls, no matter where they are. Embrace the flexibility and convenience of our communication solution and empower your employees to stay connected and productive.
  • With our modern phone system, you can get new phone numbers, locations, and extensions set up and operational on the same day. Unlike traditional systems that rely on hardware, our system eliminates the need for equipment shipment and installation. By leveraging our free desktop and mobile apps, you can start working immediately, without any delays. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of our hassle-free setup process and experience seamless communication from day one.
  • With our user-friendly admin portal, managing your phone system is a breeze. You can effortlessly add permanent or temporary employees, remote workers, and telecommuters to the system with just a few clicks. Similarly, adjusting user settings or removing employees can be done swiftly and easily. By streamlining administrative tasks, you can save valuable time and redirect your efforts towards more important aspects of your business. Experience the convenience of efficient phone system management and prioritize your mission-critical responsibilities.
  • Enabling a mobile workforce is a strategic move for any business, and SmartSIP Office understands the importance of flexibility and freedom in today’s work environment. With our innovative solution, your sales staff, remote workers, and employees working from home offices can stay connected and productive from anywhere. Unlike traditional PBX systems, SmartSIP Office empowers your team to work efficiently regardless of their location. By giving your employees the freedom to choose where and how they work, you unlock their full potential and drive increased productivity. As a result, your company’s bottom line is positively impacted, as efficiency and effectiveness reach new heights. Experience the benefits of a mobile workforce with SmartSIP Office and transform the way your business operates.

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